Thermal Broken Steel Windows and Doors

Marlins innovative thermally broken steel system has been well received by many major architects and is now used extensively in high end residential and refurbishment projects throughout UK.  In layperson’s terms, thermally broken refers to high-performance insulator material separating two metal halves, whether aluminum, steel, or bronze.  The insulator cuts down the ‘thermal bridging.’  
Thermally broken steel and stainless steel is a combination of steel/stainless steel profiles with a fibre glass core which can be coated in any RAL colour to complement any design.
With NON thermally-broken systems, or solid metal systems, cold and heat can exit or enter the interior of the home by travelling or “bridging” through the solid metal perimeter frame or true divided muntins. 
Marlin can also offer more robust thermally broken steel and stainless steel windows and doors, ideal for domestic, commercial and industrial solutions. They deliver strength and elegance as well as the security and peace of mind of a fully welded window and door system.  

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